Noor Kalpa Samadhi

Brahmacharya - Keeping your sacred sexual energies inside. Leads to Samadhi. The highest enlightenment, that I only between you and the Spirit. Back in the summer of 2020, we practiced deep spiritual awakening, with a group of people up on Mount Shasta, California. Many people heard I speaking through them. This was the male Niva Kalpa Samadhi, where many people pointed out, Satyam Yug, the time of Shiva. My brother Roe, pointed me to Niva Kalpa Samadhi. Many manifestations later, 5 startups and 3 books, we lead back to a spiritual practice that points to Niva Kalpa Samadhi Part II, the female enlightenment. This just happened recently, around Death Valley and Joshua Tree area. Very spiritual places, and I saw the female alter. Similar alter in Weed, California, Stewart Mineral Springs exists, where there are two dragon springs, one is white and one is red. White corresponds to white blood cells and red corresponds to red blood cells. The alter is only on the male spring. I found the female spring in 2010 and found it naked. I prayed that one day, I will make Her a female alter. My wish came through and I also passed by Zabriske Point, Death Valley, California. I listened to Pink Floyd, Zabriske point and the rest of the Pink Floyd albums, and only Pink Floyd, for 2 years, from 1986 - 1988. Benazir Bhutto became the first lady Prime Minister of a Muslim country, Pakistan, in 1988. I served Her for 2 years before some of my friends were executed, in PSF, Pakistan Student Federation, supporting PPP, Pakistan Peoples Party. Once I made this realization, I saw both masculine energy, white blood cell and red blood cell, feminine energy, merging into One, Brahman, with the Spirit, when now we are experiencing, Noor, while means light, Noor Kalpa Samadhi. The easiest meditation is to experience it from the center of the earth through your body and going through the whole universe and back in you.