Niva Kalpa Samadhi: Mount Shasta

Meditating in Bunny Flat, on Gaytri Mantra, all of a sudden two people from Los Angeles, Lions Gate ceremony showed up. We camped at Panther Meadows, found many campsites, in synergistic tone to Elohim, meditated together to bija mantras, La Lum Va Vum Ra Rum Ya Yum Ha Hum. We played music together on bija mantras, enlightening the whole mountain with Thy vibrations. I was walking up the mountain to meet a meditation group, I heard, "Para Atman". The group mentioned the word to Lions Gate ceremony, many coming from Los Angeles, Las Vegas and many other places around the world. I mentioned "Para Atman" to a brother, and he says, Niva Kalpa Samadhi. I looked up Niva Kalpa Samadhi on Google. This is where the meditation and mediator becomes One. We found the story of the egg soul. Brahman, the egg shape soul wakes up in Spirit. For 1 year sees all the images and then creates a worm, and explodes into big bang theory. At the time of creation, It created two things and everything else around it, the matrix and the earth. Right now, through Niva Kalpa Samadhi, the whole Universe is within Para Atman, looking at Elohim, and the Elohim mountain, creating the experience of I, Me, We is I am, travelling to various parts of the Earth, spreading their light.