Fire and Water: Mount Shasta

As roaring thunder goes through Mount Shasta, the affects of Indra, the God of thunder storm and agni, while the Sun is lit on the Mountain. The gaytri matrix, 0 and savitr, as 1, in full manifestation, as the first creation, starting from 0. The whole affect is digital, like defined in vedanta, the cream of vedas. The repeating patterns of creation, Veda part 2. The east belongs to Isis, the cat, while the new west belongs to coyote, the dog. Meanwhile, the presence of Isis and Osiris very strong on the mountain, the ones that knew about matrices, the after life. The redefinition of I, as the ego and the wisdom. The ability for humans to speak, elohim and sodiyami. After all the spiritual sadhana and practice, what comes out of the mouth, is I, redefined. Realizing that Rama was born from Annunaki, and was envisioning of Shiva, as on Earth, meanwhile Krishna envisioning both Rama and Shiva. Shiva currently lives on the mountain with Parvati, merging Kailash with Mount Shasta. All of this great understanding, with coronavirus as the cause, to save the humans from extinction, like the great stream of I Ching opening, and providing great wisdom to the children of gaya, the mother earth, with the father. The great skills and attributes that humans receive today, becomes the destiny of their future. Meditation is static, music is dynamic. As a microcosm, the music tone holds the secrets of the universe, shared by family of elohims, playing chakra mantras on the top of the mountain, healing the universe. The same night, red blood moon shows up at night time in the sky. Be careful of the wendigo spirit, the spirit of consumption, that keeps eating, till it starts eating it's own children, like in canablism. The wendigo spirit is part of the toy maker, to teach humans a lesson, to enter into the chamber of Narishma, as like in, enter the dragon, by Bruce Lee. Call it fact or fiction. But in a bookstore, you find both. Welcome to the machines, is a great song by Pink Floyd.