Health - Rainbow Family - Compared to taking Pills for the Virus - Social Fašade - Venture Capital Blocking #web3 #metaverse #bitcoin #NFT

Yesterday, talking to a x-Military about the virus - He was very upset with Health - Himself, talking lots of pills and surgery. But comparing to Rainbow Family. Their body types look so good! So for humanity, there are two parts that we measure ourselves. IQ - Smartness, EQ - Body type, as the beginning of the open mRNA, heart. Now, if you are dropping lots of pills, that the dick doesn't get up, by itself. Looks like a little hash brown. So if you are not doing WEB3, dick continues to shrink. Before you know it, you are sitting in front of the computer on a Sunday, looking at your hash brown. Shrinking dick could be a hazard. That means, your friends are taking your business. As we started on WEB3, we started going to the gym - For doing WEB3, if somebody threatens you - Kick their ass. Low IQ, low EQ.