Pioneering & #Immigration - Working in #America vs #China, #Pakistan, #England, #India, #Russia - Building #NFT #WEB3 #metaverse #mRNA - Venture Capital returns - 10 years

With the latest breakthrough in NFT, WEB3, metaverse and mRNA technologies, the world is changing. Based on competition, the money raised by venture capital, for over 12 years - The Chinese penetration in the American economy, all the way up to IPO. But when the investment model becomes global, i.e. Russian investment in Bitcoin, the world will do anything to protect it's investment. However, when a design fašade happens - It changes the core of ALL business models. Imagine going from a black and white television to color TV. We faced the same kind of problems. There are venture capital, betting on technology, and there are other investors, that are attacking entrepreneurs, building the technology, doing all in their power, to break them. But what kind of psychosis does this? Perhaps for the MOST HIGHLY competitive. But you still have to explain to everyone, what you do every day. Besides, trolling and spying on the innovators. But not pay a penny.