Venture Capital Forecast 2022 - #NFT #WEB3 #mRNA #metaverse - #multiverses #Facebook #Microsoft #Nike #SnoopVerse

As we look at the landscape for Venture Capital investments 2021 - We can create a flow chart of investments in 2022. With NFT, WEB3, metaverse on the rise, by Facebook, Microsoft, Nike, Snoop Dogg and many others, many venture capitalists have to gamble for their 10 years return. Notice that many venture capitalists didn't make it to bonds ETF round by United States and Australia governments - Many venture capital funds have to look at bottom deals, building up Fintech companies. However, the competition is hard, and there are bitcoin trillionaires, that now they have to compete with. Lots of startup schools have gone out of business, bringing down internet and venture capital investments. However, the best investor always wins. Good luck with your picks in 2022 and whatever boss you report to, door keepers of the IPO market, perhaps.