Psychosis with Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Industry - Stanford, MIT, etc.

Recently, working with lots of big brands, for NFT, NBA, Saturday Night Live, NFL, The Onion, Funny or Die and many other celebrities - Now investing big world wide, the deal size imaginable. But, the reoccurring patterns are the LOSERS from top schools, Stanford, MIT, etc. where they cannot handle the success of upcoming NFT investors, Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, with the fuel for economy - Same pattern as the music industry, Tupac Shakur, Notorious BIG, now translated to WEB3, metaverse, crypto, NFT and mRNA. The new design palette, coming from inspirations and passion from Black Lives Matter, now worldwide, especially in India, where all the engineering resources have completely moved out to - Giving these OLD style venture capital a chance to do business. However, the new media, understands the discriminations from the past, pushing them towards civil war. Not to take the evil bait, rather continue focused, head down, on own creativity - Be free to express in music and other outlets. But we wavy of your investors, especially LOSERS that 'pretend' to never reach your stature, that die every day in their own misery, and suck energy like vampires on social media.