Bitcoin vs NFT: Russia, China and United States - Generation Z

With the latest adoption of NFT - Within a few months, on paper $2.5 billion market, which we see as $4000 trillion is just the beginning of the tip of the iceberg that has already penetrated deep into the social culture and mainstream - Americans are now moving into entrepreneurship as a culture, based on crypto currency culture, behavior and social ethics. The hockey stick effort, which the rest of the world now follows. What came at first as a financial engagement, is now a social direction, for rest of the humanity to follow, coming out of the pandemic. Already, the out of style, cash venture capitals are disolving, migration to other states, from California, where it all started to places like Texas, where Austin is a major technology hub, and Miami, Florida, where the whole state is re-arranged, thanks to the effort by PayPal Mafia venture capital, and the city of Miami, Mayor and officials. All the way up to the governor, similar to California, where all the economists on top are watching the progress. A proof of concept that has now become a jackpot! A pattern that can be repeated in the construction of other cities and states in America, validated by generation Z, grass roots Americans.