Cameron Tapia - Entrepreneur and Mentor

Cameron Tapia stage name ?The Shepard? is the CEO and founder of Ecosoul Records; a forward thinking independent record label that creates music with the intent of inspiring self love, good health, and wealth within our communities. As the Creative Founder and CEO, Cameron upholds the companies vision by creating a culture unlike any other. A man who puts his team on his back, Cameron, has worked extensively to build a guild surrounding conscious values and dedication to the betterment of our communities and planet alike. As a self taught musician and multi-instrumentalist, Cameron, knows what it takes to climb out of the valley and reach the peak of the mountain. His music blends alternative-pop and hip-hop genres to forge an original soundscape that is a breath of fresh air for the industry. After years of diligent study of the music market, Cameron is ready to make his entry to a larger audience with an VISION so BIG it could save the world! As a humanitarian he intends to inspire hope, unite community, and build value in those who seek positive change and influence in our world.

Click the link below to stream The Shepard or visit his website for more details and investment opportunities.