Migrating from Mount Shasta to Silicon Valley - Yoga Society of San Francisco / Presidents vs 108 Upanishads

I stopped by in Calistoga and Sonoma on the way here ? Thinking it?s going to be really busy here in San Jose, compared to Mount Shasta. I needed a few days of adjustment period. The energy is very different here, more about startups. I stopped by Yoga Society of San Francisco, only for the president to be really bitchy, because the other president quit ? They are missing his energy, then they saw me coming in, while the president was in a board meeting. I parked my car, and went for Indian food. 45 minutes later I come back, I think she was paranoid, ?How dare you? Never do it again.? I am thinking who gives her the privilege to talk to me like that ? We have an issue, because no yogi, Hindu or Indian, read the 108 Upanishads. She is a Sanskrit teacher, never wrote a book, translates ancient Indian Sanskrit material, guarded by Brahmans. Anyway, AZ called right away. He says, ?is everything ok?? I said, I just stopped by Yoga Society of San Francisco. They are dealing with a lot.