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Using Tech To Improve Productivity

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are notoriously tight on time, continually striving to make the most of every minute of every day. While start-ups, in particular, require significant time and attention to get up and running, some strategic planning can help ensure that as a business owner, you still have a healthy work-life balance, and your employees have the flexibility they need as well. Technology can aid in this effort. Mytweetmark has put together the following benefits and tips for using tech to improve productivity.

Project Management Software

Using programs and apps to track projects, especially those that focus on agile development, can be a time and sanity-saving tool. Programs like Workfront, One Note, Slack, and Wrike are platforms that allow multiple people to simultaneously access information, collaborate on projects, and create timelines and task reminders. They also serve as central repositories for storing shared materials, like drafts and timelines, as well as project collateral. In addition, these kinds of programs can help you allocate workloads, create approval processes, and essentially keep everyone in the loop from a project’s start through completion. This is an especially good approach for remote teams.

Communication Forums

Technology allows us to stay in touch from just about anywhere, at any time. Video conferencing features and communication platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams can keep individuals and teams connected, and promote a collaborative work environment. With platforms that can be used across devices, and be integrated with in-person meetings, there’s never a reason for anyone to be out of contact or out of touch. This speeds efficiency and frees up time. 

Productivity Enhancements

Technology has come a long way in terms of creating ways to help us be more productive. In addition to apps and programs that allow us to work from anywhere, the right software can help you manage your workers, create invoices on the spot, and stay on top of schedules. This can especially come in handy if you're managing field service technicians, as you need to stay updated on their location, work order status, and type of work order being performed. While tech is sometimes blamed for keeping us overly entrenched in our work, when used wisely, it can be an aid to keep us focused, improve our professional skills, and in essence, teach us how to work smarter, not harder. This leaves time for personal and family involvement, both of which allow us to recharge, refresh, and be more effective professionals. 

Financial Management Tools

Many operational systems can be automated or augmented by technology, saving you both time and money. Employing a payroll system can save you headaches and stress, regardless of the size of your staff. The right program can track timesheets and simplify management functions. A system with a mobile app lets you handle these tasks on-the-go, and when paired with software integration and real-time reporting, you can save time while being highly organized. This is especially beneficial come tax time, and you’ll be better positioned to track expenditures and stay on budget.

We live in a fast-paced world in which the lines between work and home can often become blurred. For those looking to develop fulfilling long-term careers, Psychology Today says finding a balance is critical, not only to personal health and wellbeing, but for professional creativity and rewarding work. Technology, when used in a smart and thoughtful way, can aid in this effort.
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