Worm Behavior - Spirit, Mind and Body

Our human body is filled with worms - This happens because we have been eating non-vegan food all our lives. Cooked food, especially meat, cow and pork, create a lot of stomach worms, that grow in size. Including milk, and eventually become large enough to take over the body. Coiled up in various organs, the mind becomes a multiplexer of their behavior. By vegan choice, we remove each urge at a time, each worm, reduced to only the large ones still remaining, the areas that are numb in the body, and you can feel them movement and temperature, whether hot or cold, that the human identifies. These worms can be associated with various elements, that are associated with angelic counter parts, to teach us - For example, how to eat healthy, you can see. How to go within the body, and remove the barriers, that keep us from moving forward. This is the future of humankind, and many people are opening up to this phenomena. The door the other universes is through the body. OM, Spirit resides within each cell of the worm. Both the worm and us, live within the microcosm and marcocosm. To study the Spirit or the Universe, we would need to study the relationship between humans and worms.