Just Launched: Shop Ventures! A new Venture Capital Firm, focusing on Mount Shasta, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles Entrepreneurs!

Venture Capital - What does it mean? Venture means business, capital means resource, could be money, or humans. At Shop Ventures, we invest in people. We invest in people that know how to utilize money well. Am I paying too much for the life coach and he told me to just sit on twitter? We are here to eliminate all the venture capital firms, that are not good people. Does my wife loves me? Who loves me more, the dog or the wife? Fuckin virus, I am tired of thinking like this -However, after lockdown, I don't have any where to go any way, except on an airplane. I walk in social media events and I like to look like a venture capital. Because then people come to me and talk. But when people are trying to speak to me, in natural settings, I am very shy and angry. Still reading - Haven't looked at anyone's profile - So I am not going to look at anyone, just yet. I am going for a smoke. Meanwhile, I would like everyone to get a piece of paper and pen. Write your 2021 goals. I will be back. People that look at poor or rich? Their children will be doing Instagram all day, in the future, licking each like. I feel sad for them. What the kids should be learning; instead, now we have to re-program them. Think of the curve. The longer re-programming is a multi lifetime achievement. What's the cost on the child, having a retarded father? they are all hanging out on #instagram today. My kids vs your kids. They think of me as, "you brown mother fuckers, go back to your country". Then we have the couch problem; a larger couch, by the time their kids grow up. 1 kid out of 100 is working because they see their father today, building it for their future. Currently 1 engineer is working, everyone else is looking at him, so the kid already has his mind made up; you fucked me, I am going to fuck you. through mother. Then we go back again, to husband, wife, kids, dog and zoom pattern. still haven't looking at much except instagram today, waiting for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe biden to clean it up.