Dragon Avatars - Taking on the Lowest and Highest Within Themselves Physically to Heal the Universe - Highest Dharma - 0/+1/-1 point energy - Astrology - Eternal Spiritual Quotient cc @elonmusk @emilychangtv

As a dragon avatar - Your goal is to pick the lowest and highest - Take them higher. 0 point dharma and karma - +1 or -1. Life or Death. A palm reading can help, understand your astrology and numerology patterns for a chart. For example, having intimate relationship with anyone. You take their cell. If they are struggling to live, so are you. Bodhisattva Dharma. The females that accompanied Buddha. So take your blessings, accept, find the ones that match your frequency and heal them with your love. Increase their Eternal Spiritual Quotient and yours. Please don't allow the world to judge you. Your path is higher.