Sky and Earth for the Family - Brother, Wife and New Baby!

I went out for a smoke; Looked up in the sky; Saw the brother and sister-in-law (bhabi) colors in the sky; the light blue and light pink; same as he created; out of his mind, comes the pixel and the text; out of the other brother's mind, music on silence. I then came inside; Looked at the ground; Saw the sun, with egg shape soul; the colors i would never forget; the blue and orange; I went again for a smoke; Checked up on Him; Found that his offspring is coming next; I congratulated him; Said I will timestamp and write for him. Yesterday was the same; We were both smoking outside; I read his palms. Saw that his male is in Shiva. Hence the offspring is Shiva's child. Suddenly, a light appeared in my right hand side, top. Today, the light appeared again, on the right hand side, bottom. female is dragon.