Water Based Food

The best thing I learned from the Zen Master is moving to water based foods. For example, soups, where the water is boiled, adding vegetables. Water is very light on the body, and the release cycle is within 24 hours. This is an indicator that the body is hydrated. The kidney functions is an indicator, whether the face is turned left or right. The digestive system is the most critical to the body. The release of toxins in a timely manner is important. If the food stays in the body for too long, it causes lethargy. The body becomes slow. Most of the prana, qi or the universal life force is wasted in metabolism. Food is lakshmi. Being vegan, it matter whether any diary products are added to the food, for example eggs. This again slows down the metabolism. Noodles is another example, whether they are egg, rice or flour based. Egg is difficult for the body to digest, rice is better, however flour is the best. Flour is created by natural ingredients, usually just grinder form of beans or lentils. They are the best, because they have lots of protein in them. This allows body to develop muscle. Within days and weeks of moving to water based food, the body becomes agile. The person starts to move fast. The mind becomes more active and conscious. Almost 100% of the body is water, hence water based foods is a natural progression for a healthy body, mind, heart and soul.