Music vs Computer Science In University - Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah - Computer Science - Novell / Networking Founders and Faculty - Active Directory Design Pattern - User Logins - NDS

1993 - 1994, In University, Brigham Young University, Band called "Bonesack". 3rd Top Band in Provo, Utah, Battle of the Bands. The record producer comes to me, since I managed the show. He says, "Why are you going to school? Why don't you sign your band with our record label?" I thought about it over the night. I hear: "You are going to be great at music. However you are going to make more money with Computers than Music". I decided to go with Computer Science. In 1996 - 1997, I travelled to Utah again, this time working for Novell, Networking, building web server for your internet. I met the Architects of Novell Directory Services, user login, to your organization, later to be called, LDAP. The design pattern to be copied by Microsoft later, your windows login, username and password. The Novell Web Servers, were then partnered with Netscape Application Servers, a company called Novonyx. Marc Andreessen, the Founder of Netscape, built the browser. Novonyx gave me an offer, to move from California, back to Utah. I got another offer from Lockheed Martin, to work on NASA International Space Station. Lockheed Martin paid $10000 to fly me to Pakistan, get my visa, and then I came back end of 1997, worked there for 6 years, 50 US Military contracts, built software, where ever f-16 airplane sold, my software packaged with it. The company, Formtek is still alive today, 2020, millions of dollars in revenue, my software still running at the Department of Defense.