Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Rama Krishna, always absorbed in god-consciousness, creating a lineage of gurus, e.g. Swami Viveknanda, who first gave intro to yoga to west, always mother on His lips. He meets baba ji, Baba Bhagvandas, guru of Brahmananda. Baba ji tells Him "thou art reincarnation of God". He preached universal spirituality, whether be Allah, God, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or Moses. "Heaven under mother's feat." A famous saying that Sri Rama Krishna preached and lived. Lord shiva is the father of the world. Lord Vishnu is the preserver, doesn't accept fish and meat as offering. A master and disciple relationship is sacred. The master stops talking as soon as the disciple is illumined. Maya, ego, absolute are various constructs. A saint back in relative world after samadhi understands Gunas. Dualistic vs non, etc. God or Shiva is inactive, neither creating, sustaining or a destroying male. The female is maya, prakriti, sustaining, creating and destroying. He described the difference between good and bad as Creation diversity. There must be evil as well as good. The more evil, the more good. There are various creations, animals, plants and minerals. In plants there are meat eaters. In animals there are flesh eaters. In humans there are evil doers. There are saints, plants that provide chi, universal life force and animals that nourish us, e.g. cow. Mother gives us access to Brahman or God, through the purification of chakras and the body. To him alone who comes down from samadhi to the plane of sense-consciousness to work for divine mother, like a line, length without breadth. Sufficient individual to retain spiritual vision. To see the Soul and the world. The vision not given to everyone to see. Only for those in selfless-samadhi. The mother brings him down to Her, keeping the samadhi but work in sense consciousness. It is not karma but need for practicality in real world. Mother runs karma. Through Her grace, samadhi is achieved. She runs through the prana. She is all three aspects, the creator, preserver and destroyer, hence misunderstood. Mother says: "I AM God, the personal. I AM the absolute realized in Samadhi." God is impersonal, beyond good and bad. Mother maintains the ego till one realizes. She wipes the ego in samadhi. Brahman is realized. Silence begins. In kaliyuga, this realization is given to a few. The jiva goes beyond purity and impurity. The sense consciousness leaves him time to time and he goes into samadhi, motionless, like an in sentient, inanimate being. When there is darkness and light, Kali ma shows up. When there are flaws in us, Durga shows up. To shape us in our calling. Out of millions, only a few are set free. It is the mother that has created the delusion. She is always in the sportive mood. This world is her toy. Only a few are let out from the prison house. She says "go and live in the world until further orders". She can turn the mind from things of the world and into Her grace, freedom once more and pure devotion to Her feet. I am only an instrument in the hands of My mother. My mother orders everything. When God consciousness takes over, Rama Krishna and other want to learn about every form of God. Suppose you are fortunate enough to see God, then what do you pray for? We strive for more Divine Love and knowledge. We realize that we are sons and daughters of God. A holy man's body is made of Spirit, not matter. People asks Narada, if you came down from heaven, what is God doing? Narada replied, God is making elephants and camels go through the eye of the needle. Jesus said it very similar- it's more difficult for a rich man to find God then a camel to go through an eye of a needle. Jesus being a Vedanta and learned Vedas. Swami Vivekananda was his favorite disciple, knowing from a very young age how his purity stood out. A wife who stands in the way of her husband seeking God should be given up and left to her fate. Let her do anything that she likes. She is ungodly who leads to ignorance and spiritual death. One must cleanse the heart from all impurities, all sin and attachments of the world. One must free oneself from One's sensuous nature in order to reach God. If you talk of social reforms, do the after realizing God. The wife may come around and follow his footsteps, if the husband sincerely loves God. For a worldly man, there is hardly any hope for salvation. Live in the world but not of the world. Worldly men live in a prison house. They cannot get out into the free air of god consciousness. Cannot catch a glimpse of light divine. They are bound. In the prison, they only see senses and worldly things. Dive down deep and search for the intense love of God (prema). Mind is everything. If the mind is lost, you lose your liberty. If the mind is free, you are free too. The mind may be dipped in colors, the white cloth you can dip in any color. If the mind is kept in bad company, it would color one's thoughts. Place in the midst of devotees, it will meditate on God. Be a free soul. Be a son or daughter of God, not the one fallen from Grace. In case you are bitten by snake, say there is no venom. Venom will disappear. That is the power of faith. Call your will power in action. The fool says I am in bondage. I am a sinner. The name of God uttered with faith gives salvation. Love all, give charity to all. Self-love is attachment to own self, family and country. It is ruinous to the soul and will take you down hill. Work without expectation of results or fear of punishment in this world or next. Pray that the work of the world becomes less and less. Growing manifold only takes the eye away from God. Be unattached to the world. Don't seek for fame. Don't seek work you can't manage. See the mother first, then do work by Her grace. One cannot love The Lord and at the same time love riches or pleasure or fame or power. Work is the first chapter of human life, God is the conclusion. Pray for Bhakti (devotion) to God. Sri Rama Krishna was always surrounded by disciple who cherished every word he said. Naham, naham, Tuhu- tuhu - not I, not I, but Thou; Thou art the true actor; I am only an instrument in Thy hands. Ami yantra, tumi tantri - I am the instrument, Thou art the being who uses the instrument. Thou and thine is true knowledge. I and mine is ignorance. Pray not for things of the world, but pray like saint Narada. Narada said to Ramachandra, "O Ram, grant that I be favored with Bhakti to the lotus of Thy feet". "Be it so Narada!" Said Ram. "But wilt thou not ask me for anything else?" Narada replied, "lord may it please thee to grant that I may not be attracted by thy Maya, which so fascinates the universe." Prahlada realized, "I am it (God the Absolute). He also realized, "I am Thy servant, Thou art my Lord." Narada passed his days in ecstatic love for The Lord. The Sons of God and those that are His own. Their love for God is not made up of mere formulae. It springs from within. With ordinary devotees, once leading to Samadhi, the self is merged in the knowledge of Universal Soul. The case is different with divine incarnations. They leave behind them steps of staircase one after another until they get up to the roof. Getting up there, they say, "it is this, the Absolute." Sometimes they rest of the roof, sometimes on the steps of staircase. Hanuman realized God without form and God with form, and then passed his days in meditation upon a particular form of God, Rama, a form made of spirit and bliss everlasting. One may wash ever so many times a cup which contains garlic; but the smell of the garlic will not leave the cup. People who have entered the world not touching lust and gold are pure vessels. They are like new earthen vessels in which milk can be safely kept. Worldly men are earthen vessels in which milk once turned into curds. Not safe to put pure milk. Chances are milk will turn sour. To eliminate the thorn of ignorance, bring on the thorn of knowledge. Then you throw away both in a complete realization of the Absolute. The Absolute is beyond knowledge and ignorance, beyond sin and virtue, good works and bad works, cleanliness and un-cleanliness. Not understood my most men. The inner body which feels the beatitude of God-vision is called Karana sarira. Mahakaruna is the great first cause or the unconditioned.