Narada Bhakti Sutras - Vedic Musician

Narada is a divine sage, who plays an important part in Vedas. Krishna said of all the sages, Narada is who he feels closest to. "I AM Narada". He has the ability to travel distant worlds and planets. Narada felt look of Vishnu through bodily expansions and emotions he feels of pure Bhakti, love of God. He is empowered to perform miraculous tasks on behalf of Lord Vishnu's behalf. He is an incarnation of Lord Narayana. Deva Rishi Narada moves about playing on his Veena, singing the praises of Sri Hari drawing the hearts of people towards God thus radiating joy, love and peace throughout the afflicted world. Glory to Devarishi Narada! Through the power of Yoga he can go wherever he likes in the twinkling of an eye. The misunderstanding and quarrels he creates are all intended for the good of the world. Narada was the son of a female servant in his former birth. A large number of saints, sages and Sannyasins came to his village. Narada was young. His mother engaged him in their services. He was not childish and spoke a few words. He served the saints beautifully and wholeheartedly. His sins were destroyed by this act. His heart became pure. He gradually developed Bhakti. His mind became firm and steady. The mahatmas gave him special instructions and revealed the secret of divine knowledge. One day a snake bit his mother and she died. The boy left the village and went to a dense forest. He sat underneath a tree and meditated on Hari. The Lord revealed Himself in his heart. He was immersed in the ocean of bliss. The Lord promised that Narada will be very close to Him in all his reincarnations. The boy left the place and moved about in the world singing the glories and Names of The Lord. He gave up association with the world. At the end of the Kalpa, he entered the heart of Brahma through His breath (prana), withdrawing the entire creation with Himself. Since then, Narada is moving throughout the three worlds (animal, human and devas). Whenever Narada merges himself in divine love and sings His praises and sport, that very moment He appears before him in all His glory and Creation. Narada is one of the wisest of sages. He is a Jnani (knowledge), Yogi and Bhakti. He is knower of Brahman. He is a seer of Vedic mantras. He is ever doing what is auspicious like Shiva. He is one of the ten spiritual sons of Brahman. He went to Sanat Kumara for attaining wisdom. Narada is the friend, philosopher, guide and consoler of all - Gods, demons, angels and men. He goes as a messenger to Indra from Sri Krishna to remove his pride. Narada has been a source of noble and valuable inspiration to those who have sought him and found him. Below you will find His Bhakti sutras. "Athato bhaktim vyakhyasyamah" - Now, therefore, we shall expound Bhakti (devotion). "Sa tvasmin parama-prema-rupa" - That devotion verily is the nature of supreme Love of God. "Amritasvarupa cha" - And it is of the nature of nectar. "Yallabdhva puman siddho bhavati, amrito bhavati, tripto bhavati" - On attaining the supreme love, man becomes perfect, immortal and fully satisfied. "Yatprapya na kinchidvanchati na sochati na dveshti na ramate notsahi bhavati" - By attaining divine love he does not desire anything else, neither grieves over loss nor hates anything, nor indulge in sensual pleasures, nor does he feel any urge for material things. "Yajjnatva matto bhavati sthabdho bhavatyatmaramo bhavati" - By knowing which man becomes intoxicated, peaceful and completely immersed in the enjoyment of the Bliss of the Atman. "Sa na kamayamana nirodharupatvat" - Bhakti is not of the nature of lust, because it is of the form of renunciation. "Tasminnananyata tadvirodhishudasinatha cha" - Nirodha also means single-minded devotion to The Lord and indifference to all that is antagonistic to Him. "Bhavatu nischayadadhyadurdhvam sastrarakshanam" - Let a man protect the scriptural teachings even after his spiritual realization becomes well established. "Anyatha patitya sankaya" - For otherwise there is the risk of a fall. "Lokopi tavadeva kintu bhojanadi vyaparastv-asariradharanavadhi" - Social customs and practices may be followed to extent; eating, drinking and dressing should be continued as long as one wears this body. "Naradastu tadarpitakhilacharata tadvismarane paramvyakulateti" - Narada is of the opinion that Bhakti is consecration of all observances and activities through self-surrender to The Lord and extreme anguish in the event of forgetting Him. "Yatha vrajagopikanam" - As for instance the cow-maids of vraja or bindawan. (Gopis love for Krishna). "Sa tu karmajnanayogebhyopyadhikatara" - It supreme devotion is again higher than action, knowledge and yoga. "Lokepi bhagavat guna sravana kirtanat" - Bhakti develops from listening to and singing of the attributes and glories of The Lord, even while engaged in the ordinary activities of life in the world. "Labhyateapi tat kripsyaiva" - The company of the Great Ones (gurus) is obtained by the grace of God alone. "Tasminsthajjane bhedabhavat" - Because there is no difference between The Lord and His devotees. "Dussangah sarvathaiva tyajyah" - Evil company should be certainly given up by all means. "Tarangayita apime sangatsamudrayanti" - Though the evil tendencies, lust, anger, etc. rise only in the form of ripples in the beginning, they become like an ocean as a result of evil company. "Tatprapya tadevavalokayati tadeva srinoti tadeva bhashtyati tadeva chintayati" - Having once attained that, the devotee see only his object of devotion, hears only about Him, speaks only about Him, thinks only of Him. "Sukhadukhhechchalabhadityakte kale pratikshamane kshanardhamapi vyartham na neyam" - One should not waste even half a second as all the time one has for meditation is the little that remains after what is spent in experiencing pleasure, pain, desire, gain, etc. "Sa kirtyamanah sighramevavirbhavatyanubhavayati bhaktan" - Being thus invoked or glorified, The Lord manifests Himself, and blesses His devotees with realization. "Ya idam Naradaproktam sivanusasanam visvasati sraddhate sa bhaktiman bhavati sa preshtam labhate sa preshtham labhate iti" - He who believes and has faith in this auspicious teaching expounded by Narada becomes endowed with Bhakti and realizes the most beloved lord, attains the most beloved Lord.