Atma Bodha - Soul and Mind Connection

"This Self-knowledge is composed for those who have purified their hearts by Tapah, Self-disciple, whose hearts abound in tranquility; whose minds are free from the pairs of opposites, such as personal love and hatred; and who have intense desire to experience Brahman as their own self... This Self, the I principle, seems to be limited and bound by the individual name, form and body. The cause of this limitation and bondage is ignorance of one's own real nature. When by means of meditation, ignorance is nullified, then the self-evident, self-existent Self is cognized as omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent in the same way as the real nature of the sun is realized when clouds are removed from the path of the seer." "Birth, death, class, creed, gender, nationality belong to the body. Since the Self, I is identified with the body, the characteristics of the body are superimposed on the Self in the same way as qualities of color and flavor are superimposed on water. The gross body is the product of the five elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether and is a result of previous karmas. The purpose of this body is to experience pain and pleasure, which are the result of one's karmas, and to experience relative knowledge. By means of this body, one should serve the Universe as though serving the Supreme, and thus experience the Real form of One's own Self. The subtle body consists of five senses, five classes of prana, manah (mind), ahamkara (ego), buddhi (superego) and the five motor organs. The subtle body also is the product of the five elements. The purpose is to become instrument for experiencing the Universe and to become free from the subtle imprints of karma in the mind. The causal body is the product of Maya, Prakriti, ie sattva, Rajas and tamas... In addition there are five sheaths (koshas), matter, energy, Consciousness, Intelligence and Bliss." "The Self is identified with three bodies and five sheaths. Through the investigation of the Self, one should discriminate and separate the pure and inmost Self... As the Nature of the sun is light, the Nature of water is liquidity and coldness, and the Nature of fire is heat, so the Real Nature of the Self is Eternal existence-consciousness-bliss in Brahman... I, Brahman, pervade the total universe, inside and out, like ether. I am changeless and the same in All. I am equal to All, stainless, immutable and unattached... Thus by constant and continuous investigation of the Self, it is experienced that mySelf I and the universal I are eternally united. Experiencing the union and identity of the individual self with the universal Self destroys ignorance and distractions- as proper medical treatment removes disease... The wise seeker who carefully investigates his Self, keeping his mind free from all thoughts, will find that every object of the universe is melting into consciousness. Experience Atman present everywhere like ether, the colorless, formless atmosphere... By constant and continuous investigation of the Self, cognition of the real I is kindled and this fire reduces karma and ignorance to ashes. Self-investigation, meditation, is like rubbing two sticks of wood together in kindle fire. By the friction of individual self against the universal Self, the fire of knowledge is kindled... This entire Universe is nothing but Atman. Whatever is perceived and sensed in not other than Atman. As pots and jars of clay are verily clay, and cannot be anything other than clay, so to the Enlightened, all that is perceived in nothing but Atman, which is the ultimate Cause of the Universe... A Jivanmukta (liberated soul) is endowed with the knowledge of Atman becomes free from the limitations of the body, mind and senses; hence he forsakes their attachment. He is identified with pure consciousness, whose nature is existence-knowledge-bliss. He verily becomes Brahman, as a certain small insect is said to be transformed into a bee when in contact with the bee. A self-realized yogi, after crossing the ocean of ignorance and killing the demons of materiel love and hatred, pain and pleasure, obtains tranquility and is established permanently in the Absolute Self... Brahman is that by attainment of which nothing is left to be attained. Brahman is that bliss by experiencing which no bliss is left to be experienced. Brahman is that knowledge by knowing which nothing is left to be known. Once individual Self is Brahman-conscious, no need to be born again in the world of relativity."