"The sage, who is resting in his own Sarupa, sports in Atman (Soul), ever delights in Atman, looks upon all with equal vision, plays like a child and roams about as nature made him." - Svarupabodha Upanishad Samadhi is a higher level of concentrated meditation, or dhy?na. Samadhi is a point of non-duality, male and female, dark and light, state of consciousness in which the consciousness of the experiencing subject becomes one with the experienced object. For example, in relating with a person or a deity, there is no separation. The observer has full focus of concentration on the object. There are no thoughts that are intercepting. It is a state where the mind becomes so still that there are no other thoughts. The observer does not merge into the object of observation, hence able to observe and gain insight into the changing flow of the situation. Samadhi is a state of being aware of one's existence without thinking. It is an altered state of consciousness with extreme bliss and joy. It is the state where the I disappears, and the person merges into the being itself. There is no focus of attention at this point, whether head or heart but the being itself as a whole is sacred, One with God. The observer produces abundance of energy and sees God in every particle of the energy field. The initial experience of Samadhi is enlightenment. The person then follows a set of tapas for self-realization. However, every step of the way is initiated by the Will of God, hence the saying: "Me and My Father are One" It is important to have a guru or a spiritual teacher to help through the process of Samadhi. The person feels the presence of God through the Guru, hears anahata nada throughout the day. The person also has visions of deities, e.g. Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Saraswati, Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Kali, Durga, etc. The person sees the whole Creation as One with God. The Sahasrara chakra (seventh chakra) deals with Samadhi where the person can connect with deities from higher realms. Samadhi is the only stable unchanging reality, all else is ever changing and does not bring everlasting peace or happiness. Samadhi leads to nirvana. Samadhi is the complete absorption into the object of one's love. It is achieved only when one has pure love of God without motivation. The pure love of Krishna, Vishnu or Durga in the heart without being disturbed. Controlling all the senses and the mind. It is the observation of one's mind in the Supreme personality of Godhead, i.e. loving all forms of God in true sense. Search for truth and love of God, found in every corner of this world. Samadhi can be compared to a normal thought as a laser beam can be compared to normal light. Normal light is diffuse; a laser beam is highly concentrated thought. The laser beam contains power that a normal light doesn't. Similarly, Samadhi is the mind in the most concentrated state. Astral projections are an example of Samadhi. Once perfected, Samadhi is the main tool by the yogin to penetrate deep layers of consciousness, finally reaching the Absolute Consciousness where the person becomes one with God.