Anahata Nada - Advanced Pranayama and meditation practices - Exercise

Recently, spending time with Yoga Society of San Francisco, I had an amazing opportunity to learn from master yogis. The key area was being aware of Anahata Nada, the sound of silence, also the sound of OM. It is the same sound of Allah, God or Yhwh within your own body. It's not imagination, rather a physical experience. An Energy that flows through your body, it's omnipresent. It has no end or beginning rather a constant flow. When Hindu Vedas first came, only Brahman priests understood them. They were very difficult to understand by common man. However Patanjali comes and wrote sutras, religions scriptures covering healing, music and Anahata Nada experiences. The inward experience is Anahata Nada and outward projection is Ahata which is projected through music, sound or general Aura of the person experiencing it. Some people also hear Anahata Nada as hissing sound in the ear. According to Patanjali, it's an OM promise that if you find Anahata Nada as adult, your life will be directed and changed forever. Children at young age experience it but because of lack of knowledge in our science today, we are told to shut it off and ignore; experience learned behaviors, like education and social patterns. There are certain breathing exercises to trigger Anahata Nada experience. Kapala Bhati is an exercise part of Pranayama where air is pushed out from all Chakra points. Do a repetition of 900 times. Advanced Anahata Nada practices: Once you experience Anahata Nada and comfortable with the sound of OM, just listen to it. The more you listen, the better. It fixes any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual diseases and patterns. Granthis are energy points, different than chakra points in human body. They are linked to Anahata Nada, associated with Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma divine energies. Practice Anahata Nada on specific locations. Self Granthis - Area between 1st and 2nd chakra. I AM Granthis - Area between 2nd and 3rd chakra. Brahma Granthis - Area between 3rd and 4th chakra. Vishnu Granthis - Area between 4th and 5th chakra. Shiva Granthis - Area between 6th and 7th chakra. Finally, once the Granthis points are pierced open through Anahata Nada, Mudras can be used to trigger energy points and feel immediate bliss.