Anahata Nada and Music Healing - Sound of Silence

Anahata nada, is the sound of silence. Everyone has it when we are children. However due to learned behavior of school, social acquaintance, etc. we loose the sound. According to Patanjali Sutra, ?It's the real sound of OM.? It's a OM promise that if you can reach this sound at an older age, all your problems will be resolved and life will be guided by Spirit from that point on. It is the called the unborn, the unstruck sound. It's a hissing sound in the ear, or in the brain. If you listen to it closely, there is no beginning and there is no end. Beethoven is an example of an Anahata Nada phenomena where he was completely deaf, but listened to Anahata Nada and couldn't turn it off. The sound allowed him to compose music on un-parallel dimensions. OM is an outside projection of Anahata Nada, called Ahata nada. Ahata nada is the outside projection of Anahata nada. The frequency that the audience hear, once music is composed by the composer, i.e. Beethoven. It's a higher dimension sound, higher chakra sound which is very healing. The healing is done on many levels and the person listening gets closer to divinity. A transformation takes place. Nada yoga, defines the phenomena of Anahata Nada and Ahata Nada. Proper breathing techniques gets us closer to the sound of OM, Allah or God. Kapala Bhati is a breathing technique used frequently to clear the psychic channels in our body, called Nadi, which are astral pathway tubes. Once the tubes are clear, we can hear the sound of silence, Anahata Nada. In western world, tendinitis is a form of Anahata Nada. Many people spend large amount of money every year to turn off the sound in their ear or head, not knowing that it's Anahata Nada. Krishna?s flute in an example of nada yoga. He was in tune with Anahata nada, and the sound he created was Ahata nada, that brought everyone close to him. Play Piano while listening to Anahata Nada. Stretch the notes. Play the bass notes and also the treble notes. However, listen to the sound that's extending. Hold the note. Stay with the vibration. How far does the note go. Can you listen to Anahata Nada with the note? If the note is on Anahata Nada, you are triggering the higher dimensional healing energy. To the audience you are producing Ahata Nada. Piano with Anahata Nada generates music for the heart, mind and Soul. Chakras can be aligned with this approach. Play guitar while listening to Anahata Nada. It's not about how many notes you can play in a second, rather how long can you hold the note, the vibrato in combination with perfect harmony that compose music that's worth listening and divine. An energy is created that is soothing for the whole audience. Percussion or Tabla with Anahata Nada. Listen to the beat or note. Make sure that the percussion creates a sound that's live, rather too electronic where the depth of the note can't be measured. Tabla is great for generating sound for lower level, earth chakras.