The role of Ashrams and Gurus

Through my enlightenment process, I had the honor to run into Brahmananda Ashram. An ashram that was build by Dr. Ramamurti Mishra, also called as Sri Brahmananda Saraswati. The Ananda ashram was built in 1950s, called Yoga Society of New York. The Brahmananda Ashram was built in 1973, also called the Yoga Society of San Francisco. The enlightenment is a process defined in Sanskrit Vedas, specifically Patanjali Sutras, "Where the sva-shakti meets the guru shakti, creates super-conscious, that is God conscious." Sva-shakti refers to Kundalini awakening, where the snake from the base of the spine moves upwards, through the chakras all the way to the crown chakra. Guru-shakti refers to listening to Anahata Nada. The unstruck sound, which is omnipresent, that has no beginning and no end. When the sva-shakti meets anahata nada, the process is divine. However, a guru is needed for healthy results and divine intuition. Before the awakening happened, I spend many hours in Guru Ji's room. Kissing his shoes, aligning his chakra stick with my chakras. Meditation and healing in his room, while doing chakra cleansing. Connected with granthis energy, which is the trinity energy in our own body. Listened to Anahata Nada in his room. Doing various mudras to connect the male and female side of the body. Cleansing the Nadis. When the experience happened, I started hearing Brahmananda a lot. All day intuition, jokes, learning about Nadis, protection by unseen beings. It was almost like a door to the heaven opened where any information I needed, the guru was accessible to open the door. The key to having a guru is accepting them in your heart, mind, soul and body completely. After having access to Brahmananda, I connected with Sivananda right away. Sivananda is a worldly renowned guru, creating many ashrams throughout the world. I connected with Sivananda energy right away, after accepting him as a guru. His hand is always on top of my head. I visited Integral Yoga of San Francisco and found Satchidananda, the main guru, also disciple of Sivananda and friend of Brahmananda. I connected with his energy right away, and our thoughts exchanged. His guidance light is always accessible if I need anything. Vishnudevananda, an incredible yogi, was a disciple of Sivananda who spent over 10 years with him in Rishikash, India, the center of guru and yogi at the base of Himalaya. He was enlightened and told by Sivananda to go west and teach yoga to America. He was thought of as a rebellion, taking traditional sacred Vedas scriptures from Brahman priests and delivering it to the masses and millions in United States. Even though all the ashrams in the world named Sivananda yoga were built by Vishnudevananda, he dedicated all of them to Sivananda, His guru.