Breathing - Exercise

As we enhance our personal growth and knowledge, it's very important to have the tools that keep you in health, focused, increase energy, improve prana, etc. Meditation is one of the most powerful tools. It quiets the mind, and let the healing energy run through. We have to quiet/purify the mind first before we can start receiving and making clear distinction for the 'right' thoughts. Step 1: Create a peaceful environment. Incense, music, etc. are tools that can be used to create the sacred space. Step 2: Bring your focus to the breathing. Step 3: Pay attention to the breathing. Is it flowing? Are there any irregularities? If so, this is the time to correct it. Step 4: See the breath going down all the way to your lungs, base of spine and back up. Step 5: Keep the breathing as flowing as possible. Step 6: Breathe in the life force. So pay attention and appreciate it. Step 7: During this exercise, any thoughts that come to mind, just let them go with your breathing. Step 8: Do this for 5-10 minutes every day. Step 9: Energy is God. The more purified the energy, the closer we are to God. Step 10: Prana, the purified energy is our divine mother and sacred. Step 11: Inhale God, release God. Step 12: Recite a mantra if needed, Aham Brahma Asmi, I AM God.